Remote management and automation of three dams (Belgium)

In order to ease management operations for these water retainment complexes, the SWRT (Walloon Ministry of Equipment and Transport) installed a remote management system comprising the following elements:
  • PIP4000 controllers locally installed in each complex,
  • central control station comprising three M4000 servers,
  • “semascript” modules distributed to facility managers, who receive alarm messages in clear text,
  • laptops (PCs) which enable the user to examine system data.

Dammepoort bridges and lock (Belgium)

Full control and monitoring of the waterway comples:

The Dammepoort bridge and lock complex in Bruges on the Ghent-Bruges-Ostend canal is an important waterway intersection in the connection between the ports of Zeebrugge and Ostend and the backcountry; it comprises 3 bridges and one 3-“headed” lock (gates).

Upon request from the Flemish region of Ghent, Macq developed and installed a PIP4000-1634 controller which manages 750 digital inputs and 280 digital outputs. This controller is connected to a local server which records all orders, signals and alarms.
  • all orders,
  • signals,
  • and alarms.

Péronnes locks (Belgium)

The Péronnes locks are managed two PIP4000 controllers which provide upstream and downstream monitoring of the locks.

Macq installed a controller on each of the two locks to operate them automatically and monitor safety.

The asociated control panel makes lock management easy.

Bridges and locks on the Louvain-Dyle canal (Belgium)

Macq has automated the 5 locks and 5 bridges on the Louvain-Dyle canal.

A PIP4000-1634 controller has been installed on each of these infrastructures. It controls the bridge or lock and takes into account all required forms of protection.

From a dispatching centre, operators can activate the infrastructures by means of local controllers.

Protect the city of Bruges from flooding (Belgium)

Managed by Macq equipment, the Beernem lock protects the city of Bruges from flooding.

The Lys river running through Bruges via the Ghent-Bruges canal poses a regular flood threat.
The city is now protected by a lock comprising a lifting gate, which, when lowered, totally cuts off the waterway.

Macq is responsible for the full automation of this lock and has fitted it with a PIP4000 controller equipped with 256 digital inputs/outputs.

This manages the lock according to the water levels and controls navigation signals while complying with the most recent European safety standards and regulations.

Water pumping stations

Regulating and monitoring the management of hydraulic basins is a public requirement for which Macq can bring its expertise.

With the increasing urbanisation in our countries, controlling rivers and monitoring wet areas has become an important requirement. In some regions a big network of water-pumping stations provides protection and water supply to inhabited areas. Macq has developed extensive know-how in this field having installed a large number of water-pumping stations that remain in use.