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Recruitment Process

So important for our company - thank you for doing this job

Do you remember our principles ?

  1. We want to be proud of our people as much as we are of what we do

  2. Only engages people smarter than you

  3. Always engage in a profile above the position to be filled

Always assess competenties and not knowledge

evaluate what a person can do, rather than what he knows otherwise, people will appear better to you because they are experienced, not because they can over-achieve

How to access competencies ?

  • Is he/she smart ? -> use an IQ test

  • can he/she do a demo ? -> test it

  • Can he understand busines process he does not know? -> propose a business flow

  • Will he call a lot? -> do qualification calls

  • Is he a good developer ? -> ask him/her to develop something

  • Can he learn ? -> make him think about something he does not know

We recruit people for what they can bring to the team, not because they are perfect. Attention, il you recruit for no default, you get average people.

Brillant people in some fields are bad people in other fields the average is probably the same for all people…

Not asking questions to check what they know. That is the best way to choose the good speakers!

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Candidate MindSet

Sale Skills

very lowlowmediumgoodvery good
Take Initiative

New Product (Innovative) Skills

very lowlowmediumgoodvery good
Driven by new technology
Able to throw away and rebuild (with no end)
Don't want to stay in the office from monday to friday
Disruptive innovation is great source of energy
Simple improvement is not enough

New Product (Industrial) Skills

very lowlowmediumgoodvery good
I like code well written
for me document and test are mandatory
I don't like changements (change my place, ...)

Macq Mindset

very lowlowmediumgoodvery good
Result oriented
Customer oriented
Out of the box thinking
like changes / innovation
Importance of TEAM

Management Skills

very lowlowmediumgoodvery good
Stress handling
Pro active
Wants to train his/her successor
Motivated by challenges