Undesirable heavy goods vehicle management in the tunnel of Marseille's L2 ring road (France)

To stop the transit of hazardous materials and to prevent over-sized vehicles causing damage to the tunnel, the city of Marseille has set up a system to divert undesirable vehicles before reaching the tunnel. In partnership with Bouyges, Macq has installed a set of ANPR-TMD cameras and height sensors to identify vehicles transporting hazardous materials and/or over-sized vehicles. A message displayed on the gantry tells all undesirable vehicles to take the last exit before the tunnel. Cameras installed after this exit monitor vehicle compliance with the instruction. Special attention has been given to accident prevention management, simplification of procedures for emergency services and real time information allowing operators to escort undesirable vehicles.

Macq Brussels tunnel management (Belgium)

For more than 25 years, Macq has been managing the traffic tunnels in Brussels.
In each tunnel, automated installations manage the functions required for its safe use:
  • Lighting,
  • Ventilation,
  • Pumping,
  • Dynamic signalling...
Macq systems installed in tunnel machine rooms automatically manage all of these functions.
Information is then transmitted to the Mobiris centre in the Brussels-Capital region where operators can take over and control the facilities in an emergency.

Autostrade per Italia

Macq has installed its software on sections of Italian motorways where average speed checks are performed using registration plate recognition.

The Autostrade per l’Italia is the largest toll road maintenance and managing body in Italy. It has installed a device to automatically measure the average speed of drivers on sections of motorway using registration plate recognition. Macq was chosen by this motorway operator for its registration plate recognition software, which outperforms its competitors, in particular where a large number of different nationalities are present.

City of Paris road network lighting system (France)

A lighting management system analyses data collected by electric stations in real time and thus controls street lighting.

Macq has provided remote control equipment for the electric stations together with the overall monitoring system.

Motorway vehicle counting (Belgium)

Macq has installed counting stations throughout the Belgian motorway network.

They collect and transmit data to Flanders and Walionia regional traffic centres.
The two Belgian regional authorities which manage the motorways have installed multiple traffic sensors using several techniques:
  • loop detection,
  • cameras,
  • radar systems...
Macq has installed counting stations to collect this data and transmit it to the different regional traffic management centres.

Vlaams Verkeer Centrum, Belgium

The Vlaams Verkeer Centrum is the traffic management centre in Antwerp. Macq Has installed a large number of systems in this centre to manage tunnels and collect traffic data.

The Flemish region was looking to increase traffic fluidity and safety in its tunnels.
The systems installed by Macq automate equipment operation in Antwerp’s tunnels and the Brussels ring road.
They also collect traffic information and transmit this to the Vlaams Verkeer Centrum, the road control centre in Antwerp.

Tarentaise Valley access control (France)

Access control to the Tarentaise valley helps avoid congestion and accidents.
The Tarentaise valley – access road to winter sports resorts in the Haute-Savoie – is regularly subject to traffic jams.
Furthermore, risks of rockfall make this road dangerous. For increased fluidity when accessing these stations and to avoid traffic standstill in high risk areas, the Macq control system controls traffic throughout the valley.
A traffic light regulates the traffic by calculating the flow rate to avoid any risk of saturation.

HOKA is working with Macq to increase traffic fluidity and safety during roadworks (Netherlands)

Hoka, part of the BAM Wegen group, designs, creates and installs equipment to increase traffic fluidity and security during roadworks.
It relies on Macq for its mobile journey control system.
The control system provides road users with accurate information: journey times on roads subject to roadworks and alternative route options.

Totem makes roadworks safe on French motorways (France)

Totem ensures safety on roadworks carried out by the SANEF group (motorway network operators for the Northern and Eastern France).
Totem is a concept designed by Sanef and developed by Macq.
Sanef had one simple objective: eliminate fatal accidents of workers when marking out roadwork areas.

The idea proved to be effective and consisted in:
personally warning speeding drivers of imminent roadworks.
A robot captures the number plate of vehicles exceeding the speed limit and transmits the data to a light panel asking the driver to slow down before reaching the area where workers are present.
This is where Totem was born and since then it has without doubt saved many lives.

“Smart” incident detection and monitoring system on the Antwerp ring road and its access roads

Macq has developed and provided a “smart” incident detection and monitoring system on the Antwerp ring road and its access roads.
The Flemish region was looking for solutions to increase traffic fluidity and safety.
The system installed by Macq is fully automated. It informs drivers of any accidents, traffic jams and roadworks. It also controls the variable message signs (VMS) and illuminated assignment and speed limit signs on each road.

SPW variable message signs (Belgium)

The Walloon Public Service chose Macq to control its series of VMS illuminated signs on its motorways.
For the SPW, this type of dynamic signalling directly informs drivers of events such as road accidents or poor weather conditions.
Macq provides local control boxes for these series of signs and makes all communication originating from the Perex traffic centre in the Walloon region independent from the type of sign used.