Lighting, heating, ventilation, sanitary facilities, energy meters...

Industrial monitoring increases system performance by ensuring maximum efficiency. It enables improvement in site productivity and subsequent cost efficiency throughout the period of operation. In addition, it provides a higher degree of relevance to the sytems within their envronment and can bring about achievements that are only possible through global management.

Manage a large number of circuits from a single control point:

In automatic or semi-automatic mode with human intervention industrial sites are fitted with multiple sensors, actuators (motors, jacks, valves) and measurement analysers (temperature, speed, weight, position ,...).
Human intervention remains essential in some cases and is needed for overseeing operations from ergonomic and proven interfaces.

Ensure continuity, guarantee coherence for infrastructures of all proportions

Site performance is largely dependent on the efficiency of its information system, the effectiveness of which determines site reliability. Wrong data or wrong data interpretation can result in downtime or even total stoppage of key processes in the entity giving rise to serious consequences.

Prevent a simple power failure from causing irreparable damage

After identifying and analysing risks resulting from potential incidents, it is easier for a site with a complex infrastructure to assess the impact. Based on this, a series of preventive measures are implemented to ensure maximum availability: what is the redundancy, what emergency system, what frequency is required for data backup and rapid system recovery.

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