Macq equips 41 escalators for the Lyon metro (France)

This contract includes the supply of our DP4000-G5 system and the installation on 41 escalators for the Lyon metro.

SYTRAL, Transport Union for the Rhône and Lyon region, is the transport authority of Lyon and its suburbs.

The region has a population of more than one million and is the second largest public transport network in France, carrying 1.4 million travelers daily.

Macq equips escalators for the Lille metro (France)

The Lille Metropolitain metro line was inaugurated in1983 after six years of work to link Villeneuve-d'Ascq and Lille. A second line was built in 1989 and made fully accessible in 2000; this line joins Lomme to the cities of Roubaix and Tourcoing via Lille.
Pneumatically operated, the Lille metro operates 350 000 journeys per day.
Macq products were chosen to equip selected stations.

Macq equips Brussels metro escaltors (Belgium)

The Brussels metro network STIB (Société des transports intercommunaux de Bruxelles) has some 550 esclators, an essential asset for public transport users.

Macq has installed solutions which facilitate the maintenance of the escalators and optimise their use while maintaing focus on their reliabilty and availability.

Macq equips Toulouse metro escalators (France)

An escalator must meet the following three essential criteria:
  • Guarantee permanent operation
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Guarantee absolute safety
To guarantee safety, the escalator is equipped with an emergency stop button; however, its manual reactivation must be performed by staff on-site, which leads to additional downtime and costs. In order to overcome this disadvantage, Macq has developed a reliable human presence detection system enabling the escalator to be automatically reactivated. The system can also perform additional functions such as:
  • Only activating the escalator upon request and thus replacing the landing contact plates,
  • Modifying escalator speed according to its level of occupancy,
  • "Enabling reversible ascending and descending operation based on a user call detection system.

Macq equips Marseille metro escalators (Marseille)

The RTM (Régie des transports métropolitains) has been operating the Marseille metro network 1986. Since 2016 RTM's scope has extended to the Aix-Marseille-Provence network.

The network comprises two lines used by 80 million passengers per year. It serves 28 stations, each equipped with escalators.

Macq products were chosen to equip some of the stations.